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Los Angeles Times

Hillary Clinton was the matador to Donald Trump's bull in first presidential debate
Los Angeles Times
So 84 million TV viewers — the largest presidential debate audience ever — watched Donald Trump get all flustered and act like a raging bull. I credit Hillary Clinton's bright red suit. A very clever choice of garment. Bold and strategic. Sure beat ...
"Follow the money": Trump blasts Clinton with new catchphraseCBS News
Hillary Clinton Fact-Checks Donald Trump's Debate Denials in New Campaign Video: He 'May Lie, But the Tape Doesn't'People Magazine
Donald Trump Zones in on Populist Contrast with Hillary Clinton Post-Debate: 'Follow the Money'Breitbart News
Washington Post -CNN
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Samantha Bee Pounds Political Pundits In Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clin…
Hillary had the audacity to come to debate prepared, though Trump also did well for the 20 minutes, until Kellyanne Conway's control collar fell off his neck, Bee explained. That portion of the evening when Trump trotted out his “she doesn't have the ...

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Huffington Post

Donald Trump Is Still Attacking Hillary Clinton's Health
Huffington Post
Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for her health once again on Wednesday, suggesting she was too weak to become president. Trump referenced a video taken at a Sept. 11 anniversary event, in which Clinton appeared to lose her footing as she stepped ...
Trump Hits Hillary Clinton on Health, Questions If She's 'Tough'NBCNews.com
Donald Trump mocks Hillary Clinton for health episode: 'She can't even make it to her car'Business Insider
Trump surrogate goes down in flames trying to claim Hillary treats women worse than DonaldRaw Story
Mediaite -Politico -Out Magazine -Cosmopolitan.com
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International Business Times

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton In Florida: Swing State Polls Show Cubans Matter
International Business Times
Republican nominee Donald Trump may have lost ground Thursday among a crucial voting bloc in the key swing state of Florida after allegations surfaced of illegal business dealings in Cuba in the 1990s. Cuban-American voters — many of whom likely ...
Hillary Clinton campaign: 'Trump's business with Cuba appears to have...Business Insider
Hillary Clinton Campaign Blasts Trump For Illegally Violating Cuban EmbargoPoliticusUSA

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New Republic

Donald Trump Is About to Go Nuclear on Hillary Clinton
New Republic
The first presidential debate on Monday wasn't short on acrimony, but as The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky noted, “Hillary Clinton took Donald Trump to the house Monday night without even playing some of the heaviest cards against him”—notably the ...
Trump Team Coaches Surrogates How to Attack Hillary Clinton Over Husband's DalliancesWall Street Journal (blog)
Trump Campaign Has Sexist Plan to Fight Allegations of SexismNew York Magazine
Trump campaign talking points: Bring up MonicaCNN International
The Guardian -Fox News -Twitter -Elite Daily
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Business Insider

Donald Trump is resurfacing an old rumor that Google hides negative search results about Hillary Clinton
Business Insider
The claim likely stems from an internet rumor from June that Google was hiding search results that would paint Hillary Clinton in a bad light. At the time, a viral video created by SourceFed showed several autocomplete search results for "Hillary Clinton.
Trump fuels conspiracy that Google is 'suppressing' bad Clinton newsThe Verge
Donald Trump Happily Repeating Lie About Google Autocomplete Suppressing Negative Hillary NewsTechdirt
Trump Claims Google Suppressed Bad News About Hillary ClintonBuzzFeed News
The Independent -Globalnews.ca
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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Miss Universe and the Politics of Weight
I thought of that conversation when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, keeping with convention, released their medical reports. Trump revealed his weight, and the fact that he's overweight caused a bit of a flurry. Clinton's report did not have her ...
Trump, Conway whines 'It's not nice' that Hillary's 'in Trump's words' ads make him look very weakDaily Kos
'Miss Universe' tearfully thanks Clinton for defense against Trump's 'Miss Piggy' remarksCNN
How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Made Alicia Machado the New Khizr KhanNew York Magazine
The Guardian -Today.com -New York Times
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Washington Post

Hillary Clinton is trolling Donald Trump. And it's working.
Washington Post
When Hillary Clinton last week invited Trump antagonist Mark Cuban to the first presidential debate, it sounded a lot like she was trolling Trump. Given the events of that night — and the 36 hours since — there is no doubt. From inviting Cuban to ...
Mark Cuban addresses debate controversy - Business InsiderBusiness Insider

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Trump: Hillary Clinton Can Be Understood With One Simple Phrase -- "Follow The Money"
He continued: "The large corporations who support terrible trade deals that offshore jobs – they are donating to Hillary Clinton... The Wall Street investors who have rigged the regulations against the middle class – they are donating to Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton White House will be for sale, urges voters to 'follow the money'Washington Times
Trump Attacks Clinton in Iowa: 'She Would Put the Oval Office Up for Sale'Breitbart News

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The 8 Greatest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Impressions of All Time
Sure, anyone on the Internet can bust out Donald Trump's resting squinty face or spice up Hillary Clinton's laugh. Comedians have mimicked Trump and Clinton for years, but of all the countless parodies, some impressions just stand out. Not only do ...
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump takes on Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live: Politics Extracleveland.com
'SNL' Taps Alec Baldwin To Play Trump Against Kate McKinnon's HillaryHuffington Post
'Saturday Night Live' Casts Alec Baldwin as Its New Donald TrumpHollywood Reporter
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